• Ar. Sushil Asthana - Director

After completing his degree in architecture from I.I.T Roorkee, he co-founded Asthana Builders Ltd. & is responsible for executing several multi crore projects in record time.

• Ar. Sunil Asthana - Director

A qualified architect from I.I.T Roorkee, he is entirely responsible for undertaking and executing several heavy industrial plant projects such as Steel Plants, Oil Mills, Fertilizer Plants, etc.

Mrs.Juhi Asthana Head of Design
Er.Shubham Asthana VP-Projects
Er.Ranbir Singh Head of Projects
Er.Shailendra Kr. Project Manager
Er.Avinash Maurya Project Manager
Er.Kuldeep Singh Project Manager
Er.B.Srivastava Project Manager
Er.Pramod Singh Project Manager
Mr.Swayam Asthana VP-Operations
Mr.Ravi Sharma Project Manager(Commercial)
Ar.Mamta Yadav Interior Designer
Er.Yadvendra Kushwaha Site Engineer
Er.Amit Bharti Site Engineer
Er.Yogesh Kumar Site Engineer
Er.Deepak Singh Site Engineer
Er.Ashwini Singh Site Engineer
Er.Adalat Sharma Site Engineer
Er.Nitin Sinha Site Engineer
Er.Irfan Khan Survey Engineer
Miss.Rashi Seth Assistant Designer
Mrs.Ritu Bhatiya Assistant Designer